Italian excellence for over 50 years

From the moment of his birth in 1971 by the founder Ernesto Maifrini, 1000 Miglia remains an international reference point in the world of light alloy rims and wheels.

today, as then, passion, quality and unmistakable Italian design are infused into all our products.


From an intuition of the founder, Ernesto Maifrini, the brand is acquired 1000 Miglia for the alloy wheels category and the Maifrini-Bs signature is affixed. The first models are produced, initially polished with polishing spheres,to keep a pure aluminum color. The project will be a success, becoming the core business of the company.


The product range expands and the popularity of the rims 1000 Miglia increase, becoming a point of reference in the world of auto accessories. The products of the time are still sought after to equip historical cult cars such as Fiat 500, Mini Cooper, Alfa Romeo Spider and many others.


The car market evolves and with it the style of alloy wheels 1000 Miglia. Sizes start to get bigger allowing for more slender styles. The finishes also change: thanks to the specialist Johnny Kasner, metallic paints are introduced, ensuring greater protection from atmospheric agents and a more refined look.


Two-tone bursts onto the market, becoming a leading trend among the finishes of alloy wheels. The wheel is painted and then turned only in certain parts, revealing the metal and creating a contrast effect. Finally, a new type of transparent protective powder paint is applied to the entire rim to protect it from external agents.


TV and newspapers are becoming more and more important, objects such as the Volkswagen Beetle become the expression of a real lifestyle. President Fulvio Maifrini realizes they need a product that the press can talk about, that goes beyond the world of the alloy wheel, becoming part of that lifestyle. Model 1000 Miglia Daisy – Margherita immediately becomes a best seller, imposing itself on the US market.


The design center 1000 Miglia conceives the EVO5 model by introducing the theme of the Two pieces look , adding ornamental bolts on the figure. The success is such that the EVO5 becomes the best-selling after-market alloy wheel model in the world. The wheel will remain in the catalog for almost 10 years.


Alloy wheel engineering has to face an increasingly complex market. Machines are becoming more and more technological and heavy, the increasingly performing engines. The shapes of the rims become more robust, to withstand a greater load, and the rear of the rim becomes wider to accommodate larger calipers.


The first forged rim was born from the collaboration with the American company APP 1000 Miglia. Using a technology already used in the aerospace field, the rim is obtained from a single block of forged and spinned aluminum. It is then processed thanks to a special 5 axis milling machine.. The result is a wheel with exceptional physical characteristics, extremely light and resistant.


Increasingly wider tire sizes allow for ever more creative designs. New models with overturned channel are produced, like the multi-spoke 1000 Miglia F20, able to emphasize the depth of the channel making it a real element of style.


Cars use more and more double rims and tires. The need for different molds makes it possible to develop specific design versions for the rear axle, characterized by a marked concavity of the figure.


The innovative and sinuous shapes of the model 1000 Miglia MM1007 conquer the jury, making him award the prize “Wheel of the Year” in the category “Premium”.


The search for new finishes has always been one of the main objectives of the style center 1000 Miglia. New colors and types of diamond finishing are developed. Among these is the half spoke diamond cut (V-Polished) and the new pastel color Battleship Gray.


Electric and hybrid cars are now an established reality. Their characteristics require specific rim patterns, able to support the weight of the battery packs and resist the high torque developed by the electric motors. Style also evolves, in search of more massive and modern forms.